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that match your personality.

Sell faster and

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commercial spaces.

Enjoy living spaces fully adapted

to your lifestyle.

Personalize your rooms with unique functional style

Every customer is unique so your interior design needs to go beyond current styles and trends: it should reflect your taste and personality and fit with your lifestyle. It is our pleasure to apply our blend of passion and skill to creating a layout and decor that maximizes your investment by remaining timeless, personal and appealing.


time and money

You would like to solve your space challenges and are thinking of renovating your home to make it more functional, but you are perhaps feeling overwhelmed about where to start. You’re concerned about making costly mistakes or don’t have the time to undertake a renovation project. You want to create an original atmosphere for your home, or simply refresh your decor. Or you are looking to sell your property quickly.

Whether you’re looking for a bohemian, classic, modern or masculine style, we consider every detail, and offer you functional, inspiring and comfortable living spaces. You can have confidence in our expertise, whether it’s to assist you, or completely manage every aspect of your project – you decide. Whether it’s a large house, a chalet or a small condo, we offer personalized solutions for all types of design or decoration projects, whatever the size and whatever your budget.


Gina Di Massimo

With a degree in business administration from HEC Montreal, in Interior Design from LaSalle College in Montreal and In Home Staging from Académie Limoges, I have been working in the field of design and renovation for 15 years.

I am passionate about the creative process that begins with each project and plunges into the world of materials, shapes and colours to create an interior design that meets the client’s expectations.

In any project, the most important thing is to understand the client’s needs, preferences, and lifestyle and of course to stay within budget. The rest is a question of creativity, know-how and teamwork.

I am fascinated by history, art and architecture, and my travels have influenced my vision of design. I am inspired by everything happening in this field around the world. My goal is to create a space that will improve your quality of life, maximize your investment and stand the test of time.

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